Out of a family of five what are the chances of everyone liking the thing that you make for dinner? I find myself in danger of only cooking a few dishes that everyone eats. Even when the narrow margin of ‘everyone eats this’ is observed the retort “I don’t like that any more” is enough to crush the cooks soul [mine] under the weight of the dishes pilled up and the extra effort that has been made to cook, make or bake dinner.

So what do I do? Son #3 seven years clearly announces “I don’t like lasagna” as I finish the layers and am about to put the dish in the oven! He has been off his food lately. I know there is a lump of bacon left in the fridge. I remember a great Nigella Lawson Pizza Rustica in ‘How to be a Domestic Goddess’ that I have made before and he has enjoyed. But will it be left on the plate?
Have you experienced this? How do you deal with the different foodie preferences in your house?

Son#1 who is now in fully fledged teenage mode started an interesting discussion a few weeks ago

what if we had to pay Mum for dinner?

We had some discussion on menus and what all three of them would like to see on their ‘pay Mum for dinner’.  Perhaps I need to raise that conversation again.