I’m starting this blog with the intention to share delicious things to cook, make and bake. I hope you’ll enjoy it. I’ve contemplated this blog for good on a year and have resisted it.
But today I realise that it is a must and I need to sign up for conscious eating. I need to feel inspired. I need to motivate myself to have an authentic relationship with food.
The inspiration to blog exists in

  • sharing good healthy things to eat
  • takin’ responsibility for my askew eating patterns [yes i know what thats about]
  • feedin my children and husband healthy nutritious food without it costing a fortune in cash, food miles or time.
  • the balance between work, domestic bliss, exercise and fun time

I’m a good cook I can make food from left overs, bake cakes, bread although I am slightly challenged when it comes to yeast.  But I am not overly fond of it.
I read cookery books like novels, I like to tweak and alter recipes. I love good food and aspire to grow my own veg and have hens, possibly a pig but that could be pushing it as I often have an aversion to meat.

I’d love to set up a cookery book swap, publish a cookery book and themed recipe novel.

But right now I just wanna start this blog, reconnect with what my body needs to eat, get a healthy relationship with food and my BMI, get back into yoga and exercise.

All good yet here I am sitting on the sofa eating a packet of Go Tan Java’s which are spicy Indonesian Crackers drinking a bottle of Yellow Hammer Shiraz.

I have been using food as an unhealthy alternative to exercise, dealing with stress and well some other stuff…
While I love eating my excess weight does not feel good. I don’t exercise enough to keep my weight in check so I have piled on the pounds in this year. Its uncomfortable and needs to go in reverse. I am hoping conscious eating will help me tune into a healthier me.
I refuse to own a weighing scales but am terrified to get weighed and really face up to my BMI which would tell me I am morbidly obese.
So in an effort to get real… here it is the cookmakebake blog.